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Focusing On Your Formulation Needs

At BASF, we are using our expertise in polymer chemistry to ensure successful formulation of pharmaceutical medicines, by providing excipients of outstanding quality and performance. From drug discovery, into development, through clinical trials, to long-term commercial supply, whatever your excipient challenge, we have a specialist to support you every step of the way. We provide more than products. We provide several platform solutions.Read more here.


Our Platforms – Your Access to BASFs Solution Offer

BASF has been committed to the pharmaceutical industry since we introduced our original Kollidon®in the early 20th century. Since then we have continuously expanded our solution offer. Today we solve unmet formulation needs and offer intelligent solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges in drug formulation. Our dedicated solution platforms based on current pharmaceutical market needs help you to find what you are looking for.

red gear logoInstant & Modified Release

Ensuring the precision you need – every time.

BASF’s broad portfolio of functional excipients for instant and modified release dosage forms allows for a wide range of formulation possibilities, enabling you to obtain your target release properties.

Our committment to functional excipients began eighty years ago with our invention ofPVP(Kollidon® 30),最广泛使用的辅料之一ulating oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals. We have continued the tradition of innovation, which has expanded our portfolio to include multifunctional excipients such as Kollicoat® IR, Kollidon® VA64 and Ludiflash®. Our products reflect our dedication to highly effective, reliable, and resource-efficient solutions that help you confidently design the dosage form that you need.

Read more about Instant & Modified Release here.

Our Kolliphor®Portfolio

  • BASF’s unparalleled portfolio of solubilizers and emulsifiers for topical products offers you the perfect solution, whatever the application or formulation type
  • Our innovations include new solubilizers that enhance bioavailability of active ingredients
  • The high performance and safety of BASF products is backed by comprehensive documentation – so you know you can rely on us
  • Our flexible Kolliphor®solutions can be used for hot-melt and spray-drying processes
  • BASF Poloxamers offer better solubilizing properties compared to HPMC, PVP and cyclodextrins. Also, our Poloxamers are non-ionic and less irritating

More on Kolliphor

BASF icon of solubilizationSolubilization

Across a variety of dosage forms, solubility and bioavailability of the API can be major challenges to pharmaceutical formulators. BASF offers a unique set of capabilities that provide value to the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • cGMP commercial manufacturing of a wide range of high quality, high purity excipients
  • a wide portfolio of effective solubilizers and co-solvents for excipient use
  • a deep understanding of manufacturing process technologies, solubilization strategies, and drug delivery systems (i.e. dispersions, lipid-based)
  • long history of excipient development using holt-melt extrusion
  • technical experts with industry leading analytical tools and application labs
  • first-in-class Regulatory support

More on Solubilization here.

BASF Skin delivery iconSkin Delivery

Helping to fine-tune your ideal composition

BASF offers an unparalleled portfolio of excipients for topical formulations. Our range of solubilizers and penetration enhancers supports the effective delivery of the API in your dermatological product.

我们目前的重点是改善的温和formulations. We extensively analyze, refine, and enhance the sensorial effects of each ingredient class, enabling you to create products with increased patient compliance.

More information on Skin Delivery.

Your Virtual Pharma Assistants

Enabling you to optimize drug formulations and navigate the regulatory space.

BASF provides the support you need online with virtual platforms that are free, easy-to-use, and accessible 24/7.

icon zoomlabFormulate faster withZoomlab™

ZoomLab™ uses advanced algorithms to eliminate trial and error by predicting the most effective excipients to match your active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Use ZoomLab™ to predict your next drug’s starting formulation instantly.Click here to learn more.

See also our webinars on the newest ZoomLab™ modules:

Webinar ZoomLab enteric coatings module
Webinar ZoomLab™: Digitally Predicting And Optimizing Enteric-Release Coatings Formulations


ZoomLab™ - Interview with F Brandl
ZoomLab™ – The interview with Dr. Ferdinand Brandl from BASF


on demand webinar teaser of ZoomLab™: Digitally guiding dosage form and formulation for improved solubility
ZoomLab™: Digitally guiding dosage form and formulation for improved solubility


Icon RegXcellenceStreamline compliance withRegXcellence™

RegXcellence™ simplifies the qualification & registration process with a document library, filing assistance and global or country-specific quality & regulatory support. Download documents, receive notifications about updated information, and save significant time on your quality & regulatory journey with RegXcellence™.Click here to learn more

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Have a look at more products and solutions from BASF:

BASF’s commitment to excipient supply includes:

  • Multiple manufacturing locations, providing regional supply and support in a globalized world
  • First-in-class Regulatory support
  • Some of the highest retest periods available
  • Wide portfolio of excipients, including oleochemical, povidone & EO/PO chemistry
  • Long history of innovation, product development, excipient manufacturing, and global supply


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