ZoomLab™, Your Virtual Pharma Assistant

ZoomLab™ is a free online tool that has been developed for formulators, by formulators.

ZoomLab™ removes needless trial and error from the drug formulation process by testing and predicting multiple aspects of an oral solid dosage formulation – including optimized starting formulations. This reduces the time and resources required at the starting stages of the formulation process.

What else should I know?:

  • No software to download
  • Disclosure of the API chemistry is not required
  • Several individual tests for formulators
  • takes just a few seconds or minutes
  • Full portfolio of excipients is available (not only BASF products)
  • Starting formulations areinstantlyoptimized and predicted using a “wizard”
  • Development is in line with the quality-by-design concept
  • It’s free!

How does the Formulation Wizard work?

Predict a tailored optimized starting formulation in 5 steps:

  • Enter desired form of the intended drug
  • Enter dosage levels and API weight fraction
  • Enter physical parameters of the API
  • Select chemistries to analyze (includes BASF chemistries and chemistries from other suppliers)
  • Select powder blend based on ZoomLab™’s algorithmically assigned ratings

Which additional modules are included?

Formulators have access to / can optimize and predict:

  • API tabletability
  • API processability
  • API content uniformity
  • Powder blend tabletability
  • Powder blend processability
  • Excipient Database
  • …The list of modules is continuously being updated, with plans to release new features regularly


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Presentations about ZoomLab™:

Interview with Dr. Brandl from BASF on the backgrounds and functions of ZoomLab™

ZoomLab™ - Interview with F Brandl
ZoomLab™ – The interview with Dr. Ferdinand Brandl from BASF

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ZoomLab™: Digitally guiding dosage form and formulation for improved solubility

What’s the science behind it?

Find out more about ZoomLab™’s scientific methodology at ZoomLab.com. Click on the methodology link to peak behind the curtain!

What else is being planned for ZoomLab?

Support for additional process technologies and dosage forms is in development! Features coming soon include:

  • Incompatibility checks
  • Coating formulation and prediction
  • API dissolution profiles
  • Wet granulation
  • Topical formulations
  • …And many more!