dexolve main headerDexolve®is a high quality USP and EP-conform Sulfobutyl ether beta-cyclodextrin (SBEβCD) manufactured by CycloLab. Its unique properties make it possible for various APIs and biological products to be formulated into finished dosage forms of enhanced aqueous solubility favorable for human and veterinary drug applications. The number of such drugs reaching the market is constantly increasing providing answers for unmet medical needs. Would the lead molecule of your company like to be the next one? Continue reading.

What are cyclodextrins?

They are a family of cyclic oligosaccharides, consisting of a macrocyclic ring of glucose subunits joined by α-1,4 glycosidic bonds. The number of glucose monomers can range from six to eight (α, β, γ) creating a cone shape. Due to their structure, which isCyclolab cyclodextrinshydrophilic outside and hydrophobic inside, they can complex various molecules and alter their physicochemical properties, such as

  • Solubility enhancement
  • Improvement of stability
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Reduced side effects
  • Lower API dose needed


Cyclolab beta cyclodextrin powdersWhat is SBEβCD?

After years of R&D work, scientists invented an improved structure of the native betacyclodextrin, namely the sulfobutyl ether derivative, which resulted in further significant improvement of properties, complete renal elimination in patients and applicability in various administration routes. It is working especially great with nitrogen-containing weakly basic compounds, such as the antiviral nucleotide analogues (like Remdesivir) and many more. Dexolve is Cyclolab’s SBEβCD manufactured with proprietary technology.

How does the platform work?

You can find the example of the solubilization process of the hardly wettable API, Voriconazole, by adding Dexolve to the stirring mixture. Its injectable formulation is available on the market since many years.

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More about CycloLab and capabilities:

全面cyclodextri CycloLab是世界上唯一的n supplier and service provider. We have over 40-year experience in all fields of cyclodextrin technology and research. Therefore, based on this vast know-how, we can also offer unique services to our prospective partners interested in the utilization of these special molecules. These include formulation development to select the most effective cyclodextrin for your molecule, or custom synthesis of cyclodextrins for various purposes. We can also run free feasibility studies for initial evaluation. All of these processes supported with a well-equipped analytical laboratory, which could also serve your needs. Apart from the mentioned examples, the possibilities for collaboration are basically endless, so we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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