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Fuji Chemical Industries is headquartered in Toyama Japan, 300km northwest of Tokyo along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Fuji Chemical, founded in 1946, is a leading provider of contract spray drying services and a manufacturer of highly functional pharmaceutical excipients. Through an R&D focus in the area of crystalline control technology, Fuji Chemical has developed a unique and proprietary spray drying technology which led to the development of excipients with extraordinary properties. These unique high performance excipients includeFujicalin®, Neusilin®andF-MELT®. The functionality and properties of our excipients is derived from our expertise in controlling the pore size, sphericity and particle size during spray drying.

Constantly pursuing new challenges to contribute to better human health

In the global niche area of pharmaceutical raw materials, we are focusing our efforts on delivering processing technologies that can enhance the performance of the materials. Meanwhile, in the areas of food and drug additives and excipients, we are embarking on the global development of more convenient products.

Fuji Chemical Industries is constantly striving to manufacture products that can make a positive and meaningful contribution to people, society, and our future well-being. Leveraging our technical capabilities developed over the years, we plan to further harness our originality in the fields of bulk pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products, and the life sciences.

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Neusilin® is a multi-functional excipient that solves common problems associated with tableting by facilitating improved and consistent flow of powder mix, providing optimum tablet hardness at low compression forces, protecting the active ingredient from moisture related issues, enhance solubility of poorly soluble APIs and converting oily or sticky APIs into free flowing powder.


FujicalinFujicalin® is a Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (DCPA) designed to function as a direct compression excipient. It has exceptional flow and compression characteristics while maintaining the ability for rapid disintegration. The key to Fujicalin®’s superior performance is the highly specialized and proprietary manufacturing process that yields unique primary particles.


F-MeltA patient-centric drug delivery system to deliver specialized medicines to the aging population is very critical to any pharmaceutical drug development program. Difficulty in swallowing is a major problem of the aged, patient populations with specific diseases. One of the best choices to overcome the problem associated with swallowing difficulties is an orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) drug delivery system. For ODTs, the key challenges are producing tablets with optimum tablet hardness, rapid disintegration and overcoming the bitter taste exhibited by many actives. F-MELT® addresses these challenges with ease and offers the pharmaceutical companies opportunity to take the product to market quickly.


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