ingredientpharm is specialised in the development and marketing of niche pharmaceutical excipients for solid dosage form with a strong expertise in controlled release and taste masking applications. Within API we focus on taste masking and production performance using innovative formulation and technology approaches.

Cellets_microcrystalline-cellulose-pelletsingredientpharm provides innovative drug carriers by changing the physical properties of existing excipients. We offer our expertise and technology to enhance the performance of APIs – mainly in the field of taste masking but also for easier processing.We can support our customers with taylor made developments.

cellets blueCellets – neutral starter pellets of 100% MCC

Cellets are the perfect neutral carrier for drug layering processes to achieve multiparticulate dosage forms. This neutral starter pellets consists of 100% Microcrystalline Cellulose and conforms with the monongraphs Ph.Eur / US-NF / JP for Microcystalline Cellulose.

Cellets are availble from 100 – 1400 µm.

TAP – functional starter pellets of 100% Tartaric Acidtablets, powders and capsules

TAP are highly spherical starter pellets constist of 100 % Tartaric Acid and act as a pH modifier in extended release formulations of weakly basic drugs. These drugs typically show bad solubility in higher pH environment such as in the in the lower intestinal tract which can be enhanced by use of TAP as a starter core.

TAP are available from 100 – 800 µm and conform with the monographs Ph. EUr., USP/NF, JP for Tartaric Acid.

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TA Pellets with grapes

Consumer Health

ingredientpharm provides are variety of of nutritional additives that are bioactives products suitable for modular and individual food supplement formulations. They are miscible, free flowing similar sized granules and pellets. These features allow an easy handling and dosing procedure.We facilitate the application of taste masked, microencapsulated and special release filmcoatingswhile maintaining affordable commercial potential. The modular system allows improved processes and new applications for healthier products.

Taste Masked Natural Caffeine

Micro encapsulated natural caffeine for solid applications. Natural caffeine coated with vegetal oil. It is dedicated to solid applications with processing temperature up to 80°C and has a 60% caffeine content. It is developed in order to offer all benefits of natural caffeine without its typical bitterness.

的缓慢释放active principle makes it suitable for special applications such as chewing gums, candies, energy powders and bars.

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