ExciPerience – Overview & explanation of our event around excipients

What is the ExciPerience? – A short summary

ExciPerienceis the virtual event around every aspect of pharmaceutical excipients.ExciPerience covers all areas from basic or advanced research and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory.There will be more and new possibilities for personal interaction and different presentation formats than you are used to.

You deserve the best – you get the best!

Testimonial Kirk Donaldson
Testimonial from Kirk Donaldson


  • 3D printing
  • Biopharmaceutics
  • Regulatory
  • Paediatric formulation
  • In-silico formulation design
  • Predictive development / In-silico development
  • More are announced soon!


What is the difference to other virtual events?

ExciPerience,exchange between everybody involved is key.To achieve this, there are new communication tools likelobby networking, open & private multi-person tables, topic-related multi-person tables, specialist rooms, A.I. enhanced matchmaking, network carousel and special networking rooms, which will increase the interaction amongst all participants during the event.

This makes the difference to other events!

Experience the difference now!

Testimonial Dr Jalol Poostforooshan
Testimonial from Dr Jalol Poostforooshan

Which speeches are already confirmed?


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