Seppic is a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group in the Healthcare business. Seppic designs and markets specialty ingredients for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Beauty markets.
Recognized for its expertise in formulation, Seppic offers innovative solutions that meet the demands of the pharmaceutical market for all the routes of administrations.

Support customers in the development of their projects

Seppic presents a unique combination of expertise in the fields of chemistry, formulation and biology. This skill set makes Seppic’s strength in innovation, and allows Seppic to offer a wide range of excipients and solutions to support our customers’ developments.


Overview Seppic Excipient Products
Overview Seppic Excipient Products

Excipients for each administration route

Oral route excipients

Our large range of oral excipients have different functions and target different dosage form: tablets, capsules, powders, liquids…

Coat your tablets (Pharmacy & Nutrition): Coating is a key step in the manufacturing process of a drug, as it is the final step. Strong of 35 years ofcoatingexperience, Seppic offers a wide range of functional and non functional ready-to-use film-coating excipients. Seppic also provides on-site assistance to help its customers successfully perform scale-up, to solve coating issues and to give specific technical advice, and provides assistance on any regulatory question.Discover Seppic’s range of cost-efficient coating solutionsand try the moisture protection coatingSEPIFILMTM LP!

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Improve the bioavailability of active ingredients (Pharmacy & Nutrition): Bioavailability is a key factor in drug development, however, formulators often face API bioavailability issues. Emulsifiers and solubilizers offered by Seppic enable drug formulators to overcome their challenges with poorly water soluble APIs, with a range ofpopolysorbates,solubilizers in powder form for direct compressionand more.

Tableting excipients (Pharmacy & Nutrition): Seppic offers compression agents designed for the manufacturing of tablets and capsules.
Discover our SEPISTABTMST200!

Topical excipients

Seppic offers excipients for thedermopharmaceutical and medical device市场,与皮肤和粘膜应用解决方案cations.

Innovative excipients:

Thanks to their unique chemistry, our polymers can help you achieve an optimal solubilization of your APIs and skin delivery. They are efficient thickener at pH from 3 to 12 that can be used to formulate and stabilize any kind of hydrophilic and lipophilic solvent, with a texturizing effect for an optimal compliance to treatment.More details here!

Our W/O self-emulsifier Sepineo SE 68 is effective over a wide pH range with a good resistance to electrolytes and a high compatibility with APIs and other excipients. its ability to form liquid crystals improve the stability of emulsions and grant moisturizing properties to the finished formulation.Find out about it here!

Compendial excipients:

Seppic also offersPolysorbates,Sorbitan estersandEthoxylated fatty acids, castor oils & fatty alcohol, with compliance to the highest quality standards.

Parenteral route

Injectable excipients require the highest quality. Seppic’s range of injectable solubilizing agents and emulsifiers improves the effectiveness of the active ingredients, while meeting the requirements for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. In immunotherapy, the range of vaccine adjuvants contributes to the efficacy of treatment, including oncology.Discover our range here!

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Pharmaceutical Excipients Index

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